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Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. (KBW) may have performed investment banking and other services for the companies described herein from time to time for which KBW received customary compensation (including compensation which may be contingent upon the success of the subject transaction involving such companies), and KBW may seek to provide other investment banking and other services to such companies or their affiliates in the future, for which we would seek customary compensation. In addition, KBW may receive compensation in connection with providing proxy voting services. KBW may or may not act as a proxy solicitation agent in connection with the subject companies or transaction. KBW and its customers may transact in the securities of such companies in the ordinary course of business, and accordingly may at any time hold a long or short position in such securities. In addition, KBW has not made any evaluation or comparison of the relative merits of the subject transaction with any other alternative transaction or business strategy which may have been available to the subject companies, expresses no opinion as to the fairness of the subject transaction, and does not address the underlying business decision of such companies to proceed with or effect any transaction. KBWs privacy policy may be accessed at www.kbw.com.
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